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Enter your degree(s) and credit requirements. Class grades roll up and are calculated automatically into your degree grade.


Link classes to its parent subject / degree and manage class details. Enter your class score at the end of the term and mark as "Done". Use the "Semester View" to arrange your classes for upcoming semesters, or use the "Weekly Schedule" view to see your class schedule for the current semester.


See your class and assignment grades at a glance.

Recent Notes + Reference

Type class notes, write papers, manage research, or upload documents. Link to the assignment or class. Summarize the content in the "Highlights" field, and the highlight will roll up to the assignment or parent subject / class.
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Master Calendar

The Master Calendar aggregates all tasks, assignments and events in one place. Toggle between different views to see tasks, assignments or events only.

Upcoming Tasks

Add new tasks with due date and priority. View upcoming or overdue tasks.

Upcoming Assignments

Add new assignments with due date and priority. View upcoming or overdue assignments.

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