1. Genuinely apologize for raising voice. Whatever instance that was, I am genuinely sorry.
  1. Extension of 1: Most of 1 can be attributed to nitpicks. In retrospect I was definitely nitpicky and didn't look at the broader picture.
  1. This conversation resulted in me looking back at everything and here are a few mistakes I realized:
    1. No bias to action. Again, extension of 2... I kept discussing about things repeatedly rather than taking action or thoroughly documenting it to ensure sync. Ideal way is to do it, than show it. Not the other way round.
    2. Inactivity: Gonna speak about the last 2 weeks. As I have said I have constantly sick and there's barely anything I can do about it. Regardless I was okay enough to show up so I did, but distracted. I am doing the a16z stuff. Reading articles, watching videos, taking notes. code ill come to later. As for the bloodborne wiki YES i should have done more while you were away instead of the opposite which is what happened. Lack of accountability resulted in my slacking off on that part. (unless youtube videos count)
    3. The reason there was no updates from my end was because there were no updates. Now that i think about it i should've at least informed you ki "hey there is no progress bec im doing xyz currently over pqr or im afk or whatever the reason may have been"
  1. Code. I may have said I want to focus more on code but that was more personal than project-specific. If you look at tasks and deadlines, barely any of the project related stuff implies that I should code, other than setting up basic enemy animations which is low on priority rn.
    1. As far as buildspace was concerned, its not in the tasks page bec it came up much later. And while i was expected to be done with it. I didn't. And i should have informed you about it. Did not realize me finishing buildspace stuff was directly impacting the project.
    2. That being said the reason I don't bother you or anyone else with petty code matters is because its already embarrasing for me. Call it an excuse maybe bec i anyway eat your head with petty things that don't matter in the larger picture. So yeah, duly noted.
    3. Related to code: as i said, i am barely getting the hang of blueprints and web2 stuff, web3 smart contracts and all i haven't even explored. buildspace content didnt give me enough context about how tokenomics would work
  1. Concise communitcation: Yep, noted. Exactly understood what you meant with this because i inherently felt this. Apologies.
  1. Goal setting: When you said you didn't want to work together, i took a minute and thought about it: I don't have anything else to do. My goals are no different than yours. Let the petty matters not disillusion you with this. If my parents ask what am i upto? until now i only told them what we were doing with the project and how calls w kaspar and everything were going. There is nothing else i have to do bro. What currently excites me is how incredible this project can be. I can SEE it. We are not looking at different directions rn. Only that you are moving towards it while im stagnated.
  1. I am definitely not willing to burn a bridge and let any of this go. I am emotionally invested in this as much as you are. Words don't mean anything. I have said this all over a 1000 times, and barely ever acted upon.
  1. Next few weeks ke tasks are defined for me though. And I am gonna complete what I have been assigned regardless of you want me to continue. After all this, if you still feel its not working out, ill happily leave. But please don't plug me off abruptly, let us at least finish what we have signed up for. This time it's different. I see your point of how ive been constantly not defining roles and how it sounds like im avoidiing responsibility. Though i feel it def became clearer over time. The points i wrote in red are tasks that are well defined and are in the scope of my strengths. And it's better that we stick to it. The reason i wanted to take up code was i always felt like non-technical stuff is not as fruitful as technical stuff which maybe true in some sense but it's not entirely correct. Just because i can't directly measure the output of my work yet doesn't mean im not doing it. ← this was the mindset i was carrying but im sure the output metrics for every task can be figured out regardless of what sort of thing is... (content/community/copy etc)
  1. Question: how did you expect the team dynamics to work? Improvements were expected in what sense? Me understanding more tech/code part so it'd be easy overall? was i expected to understand smart contracts and everything that EVM does? we haven't touched UE for a while so apart from the scythe/spear stuff i havent had a chance w blueprints. talking abt web3 specifically coz dont think its right for you to expect web3 familiarity just coz i got comfy with blueprints