Task 4: Figuring out your MVP with user research matrix

Under Standing Product Market Fit (Overview)


Creating User Matrix (Must Watch & very important)

This is a framework you use once you do your user research to build MVP design

How we made a MVP plan for a product?

Product : Internal Community Platform for our portfolio User Research : 20 Calls with potential users Please read about Jobs to be done here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/arena-attachments/1062334/f79e0436144d2f870cd3bea5ee368dd9.pdf Please google more and read about JTBD if needed.

Design your MVP - All the above might look too much work but it takes 3-4 days to get first version out for an MVP.

It need not be so structured as this but this helps you to get an understanding what is important to focus for MVP.
1. Once you make the matrix you choose what are the key segments of the matrix you want to start solving for
2. Once you choose the segment from the matrix you start building feature set for that
3. Make a list of metrics you want to know to test the assumptions you have made.
Once you design the scope in the above format you now have the idea of how the mvp looks like
Copy of To Do Task : Engagement Matrix to design PMF or MVP Strategy
Last task will be about figuring out a) how to build it or how to test this using different methods
b) if you have something concrete how to launch it